When She Looks In The Mirror

shelba waldronParenting, Women

When she looks in the mirror she doesn’t always see the beauty within her that only the eyes of her innocent child see’s. She see’s a lifetime of not enough.

When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see the sexual allure a lover sees. She see’s not thin enough, not pretty enough.

She sees fat rolls and double chins and outdated fashion.

She doesn’t see herself as gorgeous, but the little 8th-grade girl who didn’t have a boyfriend for the dance.

Her confidence is shattered, as the woman who was once called a bitch for being too bold in a meeting and a cunt for standing up for her beliefs.

When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see the lines of laughter or lines of wisdom, but a woman who stands somewhere between too old to be carded and too young to retire.

She was never the granola babe or the cheerleader or the popular kid in school. She was just an awkward girl who played in the band, who enjoyed science and math.

When she looks in the mirror she doesn’t feel the strength inside, but the little girl who was told that only a prince with a glass slipper could save her.

The mirror speaks back to her using words such as dumb ass, bitch, and whore.

Society gave her a label when she was born and told her that she could be anything she wanted to be, but she needs to first look like a movie star and screw like a porn star.

Her name is a mother, daughter, aunt, and wife. She’s a professional and she’s passionate. She cares and she’s compassionate. She’s smart and she’s powerful. She’s a friend. She’s a lover.

She carries a lifetime of pain to a thousand mirrors that told her she wasn’t enough. To be an executive she had to be a bitch and to be a wife she had to be demure. As a mother, she had to be a super hero sans exhaustion, depression, and fear. She teaches her daughter that she can be anything she wants to be and her son to seek a woman of substance and soul, but in the mirror, she questions the lie as the tv flickers in the distance of images that say women must be bitchy, catty, and whores.

She’s a woman. She’s strong. She’s Intelligent. She is me, She is you. She is the art of mother earth and she gives life to our soul. Her beauty shines from the inside out and radiates like the sun. She’s a fighter in the complicated plot that gives us the story of our time; the behind the scenes star who stood in the shadow of history.

She is a woman. She is beautiful. She is me. She is us.